Sunday, December 7, 2008

Man Vs. Wild's Bear Grylls Injured on Expedition

Host of the Discovery Channel show, Man Vs. Wild, Bear Grylls was injured in Antarctica on Friday when he fell. Bear is known for doing dangerous examples of wilderness survival on his show; however, when he was injured he was doing an expedition for an internal charity organization. He blogs about his expedition on his website.

Riots in Greece

Due to the death of a teenager by a member of an elite police department in Athens, Greece, riots have been breaking out all over the country.

There have been warnings for people not to enter the downtown party of Athens for this weekend until the rioting subsides.

Although the police officer who shot and killed the teen was charged with shooting with the intent to kill, the people of Athens are still upset and fill the streets while burning a car dealership and leaving glass and debris all over the city streets. The rioting seemed to subside for a little while, but soon the streets were filled with people and tear gas again.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did Australia Place a Curse on American Fashion?

The weather has taken a change for the worse; the cold, blistering winds of winter have come into full effect. But what does that mean for college students besides skipping classes and throwing snowballs at random, innocent people walking on campus? It means that UGG boots are in full swing.

Many people despise these overpriced, warm, sheep wool lined boots. But why? Since the boots are so dreaded amongst people, the origin of them should be explored to find out if they are called UGG's because they are 'ugly' or for another reason.

There are two basic theories of UGG boots:

Number 1: During the 19th century, sheep skin hides were used to make a variety of different materials in Australia such as clothing and footwear. The original UGG models which came out of this were short and ugly, according to the shoe makers. This is where the term UGG came from becaause it is a nick name off of ugly.

Number 2: The second theory says that the Aussies have the tendency to drop the letter h from the beginning of words. UGG boots in fact 'hug' the feet so people say that the h was dropped and the word UGG came about.

Whether or not either theory is accurate, people will still refer to these warm creations as ugly.

To read an article from a UK online newspaper about UGG's, go to:

picture courtesy of

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Try the iBreath

Wondering if you are too drunk to drive? Take the guesswork out of the equation with the new iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer attachment for the Apple iPod.

The iBreath simply attaches to your iPod through the docking port, and can instantly tell you your blood-alcohol content (see picture). A small fold out blower allows you to easily breathe into the device, and then provides a digital display with your BAC.

The device has just arrived in the UK for the holiday season. No timetable has been set for its release in the United States, but A-List celebrities in Europe are reportedly the biggest consumers. If celebrities continue to purchase the iBreath, it's my belief that the U.S. will be exposed to this device sooner rather than later.

The biggest concern I have with this device is the amount of vehicular accidents that may occur after its release. Someone may be sitting at a bar having a few drinks, and then use the iBreath to discover that they have a .07 BAC. Sure, its under the legal limit (in most states/countries), but it could still impair someone attempting to drive home. Obviously there are many variables associated with this scenario (persons weight, gender, ect.), but it's something to consider.

For more information on the iBreath, click here.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The French Men's Private Affair

According to a study done by the Germans, people living in France are saying they need the largest condoms next to the Greeks who need much smaller ones.

The study was done in Europe by the Singen-based Institute of Condom Consultancy over a period of eight months. The ICC asked 10,500 men in 25 different countries to take a tape measure and yes, measure their 'goods'. Then they needed to enter their 'private' information into some kind of database.

According to the study, French men need approximately six inch long condoms which is about 3cm longer than the Greeks; the Greeks seemed to be a bit more modest within the boundaries of the study.

The question is why exactly was this study done? It was aimed at educating young people about how important contraception is. But there is something even more fun and exciting these young people can look forward to. The ICC hosts an annual "Pimp Your Condom" which is a fair that educates teenagers about STD's.

The ICC's director, Jan Vinzenz Krause invented a spray on latex condom which fit on just like a normal condom. Unfortunately, the spray on condom was never fully developed.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

X Factor Folly

The British comparison to American Idol, X Factor, recently had its contestants perform songs previously recorded by Brittany Spears. She was also a guest performer on the show, making it her first appearance in Britain in 4 years.

Spanish singer Ruth Lorenzo was voted off the show that night.

I was just wondering how bad it really could feel to be booted from a show who thinks that Brittany Spears is worthy enough a performer to base an entire episode around. I've heard of shows like this surrounding a particular artist who has gained respectable praise from the industry and has become something of a legend. I am just a little beside myself to see that in other countries, the best they can come up with for a respectable singer in the United States is Brittany Spears. I guess it just goes to show that no matter what you think is noticeable and respectable in your own country, other places in the world will take what they want. Hopefully they can find a better angle for next week's episode so people in the UK don't believe that Brittany Spears is the best musical artist that the United States has to offer.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Santa Making His Rounds

It was recently reported on that Santa Claus was seen making his rounds. Andy Arkell recently flew from London back to Baghdad and rather plump individual with a red suit, black boots but oddly enough without the beard. The writer tried to implor us that this is in no way a joke blog but you be the judge!

So once again for college students it is about that time to stop buying rediculous amounts of beer and save every so often in order to buy friends and family gifts. As a college student this can be hard to do, I mean not sacrificing your beer runs but more along the lines of saving money when you are already on a tight budget. It is never too early to start saving for this spending spree. What are some ideas you have towards cost saving Christmas presents? Get another job? Sell a kidney? Lets hear what you have to say...

10 Tips for Shopping on a Budget
Shopping Sales
Seven Ways to Prepare a Holiday Budget

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Don't Taser Me Bro

We all remember the popular youtube clip showing a student getting tasered at a Q & A with John Kerry. So you might ask what's the relevence now and how does this incident relate internationally?

Well the answer would be, that England plans on using many more stun guns. They actually plan on arming police officers with 10,000 more stun guns. They hope these guns will help deter violent crimes.

But I wonder how they hope these will end violent crimes, when one of the most commonly known instances involving a stun gun was in an attempt to silence a student. I guess the moral of the story is to watch what you say in England because you may just happen to be the newest youtube sensation. Don't taser me bro'.

Too Competitive

Williams Soccer coach Ady Williams was arrested on assault and making threats to kill in Swindon Town, England. The 37-year old was bailed out and has to return for more questioning on December 7th.

I am currently in NYC visiting my brother. He is a die-hard Bills fan and apparently there are a few bars here that are dedicated to playing the games on Sundays. They are packed with insane sports junkies who get too emotional for their own good. Thinking about my past occurrences with crazy fans, I don't know how thrilled I am to hear about a sports fan assaulting and threatening to kill someone.

So wish me luck as I step into the chaos that is the "Bills Bar" today.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Australian Man Found with Penis in Pasta Jar

Keith Roy Weatherly, 46, of Australia was caught in his car by police with his penis inside a 750ml empty pasta jar.

Police thought Weatherly was armed when they first approached the car. They drew their weapons in defense. This scared Weatherly and he sped off, leading the men on a 20kph chase (mind you, this is Australia) for roughly ten minutes. When the police finally got to Weatherly, he refused to leave the car so police had to spray and hit the man with batons. It is then that they found the pasta jar on his penis.

While the police were trying to cuff Weatherly, he still continued to "take in the pleasure" of the pasta jar. Police searched Weatherly's car and found various items admist it including porn, a home-aid sex aid, women's stockings and a Jack Russell Terrier. Weatherly pleaded guilty and was fined for offensive behavior, resisting police, and disobeying a police direction.

This is what makes international news sites so interesting. You are able to read stories like this and not feel weird because you are reading them. This Web Site also featured a story about a man in Florida who hit a woman with a sandwich while she was driving, knocking her glasses off. Talk about legit weird...

British accents foil iPhone voice app

Google's newest application for the iPhone is a voice generated search capability. All you have to do is say something into the phone, and search results are instantly displayed. For a more detailed version of how this new application works, watch this:

Here's the catch: People with British accents are having trouble using this feature. Apparently, their accents are not registering correctly in the phone. One man apparently said "pizza" into his phone, only to receive search results for "volcanoes." Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

Whats even more ridiculous is the solution to this problem - an iPhone that not only detects your voice, but distinguishes what kind of accent you may have. Stay tuned, because it sounds like this solution could become reality sooner than you think.

But for now, angry British iPhone owners will have to begin working on their American impressions. Either that, or slave through the absolutely grinding and unbearable task of typing out their Google searches (sarcasm noted).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter Doesn't Mean Laziness

As I have stated before, it is useful to look at and read other countries Web sites about any issue, any topic, etc. They have different perspectives and different ways of looking at things. And since the weather is quickly beginning to change as the leaves fall off the trees and the snow begins to fall, college students are looking forward to break in December. This is the time when students fall into the trap of laziness; stay at home, eat cookies and watch reruns of "Full House". But winter is NO TIME to be lathargic.

The cold weather is actually the best time to run outdoors. And what does running mean to college students? Well, when they return from winter break, they can be fit and trim instead of overly obese and complaining about how much weight they gained while being at home. College students should be happy they have more time over this break to focus on staying healthy.

According to, running outside actually burns more calories than running on the treadmill and being outside helps advance calorie and fat burn because when your body is cold, it takes longer to get warm, burning more calories. The Web site also says that running outdoors is one of the quickest ways to get rid of belly fat!

A few quick tips to remember while running are:

  • Wear reflectors somewhere on your body whether you are running at night or during the day

  • Wear many layers of light weight fleece so you can gradually take it off as you warm up while running

  • Try to run with a friend, its the safest way

  • Running up hills burns more calories than on a flat surface--but do not just run uphills always because it is hard on the joints--mix it up with hills and flat land


  • Trying to run backwards--it helps your knees and burns more calories--it also helps with coordination and balance

If you want more detailed information and quotes from the experts, go to

And remember...


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Champions League brings world together

Each year, the UEFA Champions League brings 32 of the world's best club soccer teams together to compete against one another. With the title of "the world's best" on the line, drama and passion run high at each and every match.

To qualify for the league (which is actually set up more like a tournament) each team must win or place near the top of the standings in their own country (each country has its own club soccer league). The larger, more prominent countries (such as England, where the top 4 teams of the English Premier League earn spots in the Champions League) typically are allowed to send multiple teams into the tournament, whereas smaller countries usually only send their league victor.

The brunt of the Champions League schedule is made up of what is called the "Group Stage." In this stage, the 32-team field is broken down into eight groups of four. Each group is labeled with a letter - Group A, Group B, and so on. Each team then plays the other members of their group twice, resulting in a 6 game schedule. The games are spread out during a four month period, September to December.

Currently, each team in the Champions League has played four games. To see the standings as of November 6th, click here.

At the end of the group stage, the top two teams from each group move into the "Knockout Stage." This stage consists of head-to-head matchups, much similar to the "Sweet Sixteen" of the NCAA basketball tournament. The matchups are spread out over the course of four months, from February to May with the championship match being played in late May.

^Cristiano Ronaldo and his Manchester United teammates
conquered the Champions League last season.

What intrigues me about the Champions League is the world involvement. The 32 teams come from countries such as France, England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany, Portugal, and Russia (just to name a few). This tournament, more-so than any other on earth, truly determines a "world champion" (alright, a case can be made for the World Cup soccer tournament, but that only happens once every four years, so I'm excluding it from consideration).

What bothers me most about the Champions League is the lack of United States involvement. I'm not trying to blame UEFA officials for that, don't get me wrong - I'm saying the U.S. needs to step its game up. Maybe we could start calling it football
(which makes a helluva lot more sense than soccer). Or maybe we could just start playing better. I really think that if a club team from Major League Soccer (the U.S.'s crummy professional version of the sport) begins to win multiple league championships and dominates a few exhibition matches against European competition, the world will take notice.

My hope is that college soccer players (er...should I say "footballers") will take the necessary steps to increase the level of play in America. I mean, how cool would it be to see the New York Red Bulls or Chicago Fire (two MLS teams...yes, I realize you have probably never heard of them) competing in Europe 10-15 years from now against the best the world has to offer?

I think it'd be pretty cool. And I hope future generations of footballers in the U.S. think so too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

50 Dead in School Colapse

50 people are dead in Haiti while 100 are injured. The death toll is expected to rise. 700 people were in the school at the time. The ages of students ranged from 10-20 years old. The Haiti Red Cross is helping in the school collapse and can still hear children inside. Remembering the story I wrote last week about supporting the Red Cross still applies to this week. It's just a horrible reminder of how many bad things can happen anywhere in the world and that people always need someone to help them out, from wherever they can get it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Senator Barack Obama was elected President of the United States on November 4, 2008. He won both the popular vote as well as electoral (349 to 147), something that has not been done for eight years.

To see what other countries think of Obama's win, click on any of the links below:

To watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech, click here:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In the spirit of Election Day...

When I think about politicians, I mostly think of swift-talking dudes who can avoid any question thrown their way. Thanks to these two videos, my opinion has...well...stayed the same. But at least now I know that John McCain can tell a joke, and Barack Obama has a few legit dance moves...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hunger and Poverty Still Ongoing Problem

When the world has advanced in so many fashions, you would expect people to be able to provide for themselves. However in many parts of the world, hunger still affects people by the millions. The numbers are outlandish considering all the advances in civilization and it just shows you that there is much more to be done.

The newly elected president of Zambia, Rupiah Banda, has pledged to end poverty in his country in order to help combat hunger. With his goal to end poverty in his country, more leaders should follow Badna's example.

Some may say what does this have to do with college students but this problem is ours to solve. We, the college students, are the future of the world and this problem will soon enough be inheritted. What do you think are some solutions for the problem?

Some sites on the same problem:

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Red Cross looking for $ for Quake Victims

The Red Cross is looking for $7.8 million from emergency funds to help aid the victims of an earth quake in Pakistan. 200 people were found dead and over 4,000 homes were destroyed leaving people homeless. With the colder months coming up, they are in a rush to get help to the country before people have to brave the weather homeless.

With the Red Cross and other such organizations so easily accessible to Americans, I think it is important to help out whenever you can. Even as college students, we can have a large impact on the world through the small things we do, like through donations and volunteering.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Pirates Once Again a Factor

When you think of pirates, do you think they still exist? Well if your answer was like mine, thinking absolutely not, then you would be surprised by recent acts of piracy. Pirates attacked a French ship off the coast of Cameroon, taking 10 of the 15 member crew hostage. Previously in the week a band of Somali pirates captured a Turkish freighter.
Now some of you may be asking, why would you consider this a story to coincide with college students? The answer is simple because the time of year. It is halloween and once again college students will be dressing up all around the world. Chances are that some of these students will be dressing up as pirates.
Although these costumes may match pirates attires of the past, they are outdated. Pirates currently dress like average everyday people of the sea, no longer equiped with eye patches or parrots or even swords. So instead of being a throwback pirate, stay up to date with the current trends of the pirate world!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

French Man's Arm Gets Stuck in Toilet

This is the perfect example of why you should not talk on your cell phone while you are using the facility!

A 26- year- old French passenger on a high speed train traveling between La Rochelle and Paris got his arm stuck in a toilet after trying to fish out his cell phone which had fell into the giant, white bowl.

The train had to stop for two hours as firemen were called in to rescue the man. They had to saw off the toilet from the train. The man was taken off the train on a stretcher with part of the toilet still on his arm.

So you may be pondering as to how exactly this relates to college students? Well, we all know college students do some dumb things in their college days...and nights, of course. Basically, talk on your cell phone when you're NOT in the bathroom. You do not want to end up like this guy. Can you think of something more embarrassing than coming off of a train on a stretcher with a toilet bowl on your arm?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

World's Heaviest Man gets hitched

The biggest concern I have is the thought that this may not be the last time a groom or bride is transported to their wedding on a flatbed truck. With the growing obesity epidemic in the United States, my fear is that this story may no longer be unique in a couple years. That being said, I have to acknowledge the love and emotional element that makes this such a heartwarming story. Obviously Manuel and his wife have married for the right reasons - an emotional, social bond that goes beyond physical appearance.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Woman Stoned to Death in Somalia

A woman in Somalia pleaded guilty to adultery and received the death penalty. After being buried to her neck, she was pelted with rocks until she died.

It is easy to forget how different the rest of the world is, and how far they have to come, when sitting in the comfort of your home in the United States.

I feel lucky to know that soon I will be graduating and able to go out and figure out what I want to do with my life, where I want to go, and what job I have with out worry about pre-conditions or laws prohibiting me from living my life. I think it's important to remember the simple liberties that we have as young Americans. Seeing something this drastic happening to another woman somewhere in the world only makes it that much easier.

Friday, October 24, 2008

American Student in Iran Prision

Esha Momeni, a student at California State University, was jailed in Iran on October 15th. She was doing research on Iranian rights of women through a California branch of the Iranian women's rights group, Change For Equality. Iranian officials say that she was detained after a traffic stop, but her computer and other information dealing with the group were taken away from her family's home. She is now in Evin Prison, a place that is well known for holding political prisoners. The thesis advisor at the college stated that Esha knew the risks of her research in Iran. Esha decided that no matter the risk, it was worth taking to expand the knowledge of Iranian women's rights to Americans.

Esha took a giant risk in spreading knowledge to Americans. She is a college student who knew the importance of increasing people's prespectives and went all out to do so. Do you think you could do the same and take the same risks she did?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember to Vote!

Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in London has made clay mold heads of Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

How does this relate to college students? Because YOU NEED TO VOTE! I know you have heard this many times, I am sure of it. But this is one of the most important, financial elections ever! Your voice needs to be heard! So please vote on NOVEMBER 4, 2008!

Picture courtesy of

Wine Dining in Canada

Do Brockport students take constant trips to Canada to see the falls? Do they go there to for a mini vacation to get away from their studies? Or do they go there because the drinking age is 19? It seems like many students take the hour trip to Canada from Brockport for a little wine dining.

A survey shows that Canada is making quite a profit off of alchohol. The stats show the truth behind why so many college students head up that way.

By the end of March 2007, the total amount of beer and wine sales was $18 billion. There were 2.3 million liters of beer purchased in that year as well. Whiskey, Scotch, and Bourbon are among the most popular liquors purchased in 2007.

A single Canadian, who drinks ovbiously, spent an average of $667 on alcohol alone!

Even though we do not live in Canada, we are near it. And as I said before, many students take the trip up there just to drink. This blog is not trying to persuade you to go to Canada to drink. It is simply a way of showing how much alcohol is truly consumed. There is more in Canada than drinking. But just remember, if you do decide to take a trip up there, make sure you have your birth certificate!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And the award for "Most Paranoid Country" goes to...

...Iran. By Far. Here's why:

Iranian officials recently arrested two pigeons for spying. Let me stop right there for a second. Let that just kind of sink into your brain for a moment...

They arrested two pigeons. Seriously. When I hear the word "arrested" I immediately flash to a scene similar to this...

Now picture that scene with a pigeon in place of the guy being led into the cop car.

Apparently one pigeon was detained near Iran's uranium enrichment facility, while the other was apprehended beside a rose water production plant. The uranium facility has long created controversy between the Iranian government and Western countries, for obvious suspicion of foul nuclear activity. According to sources, both pigeons were described as having metal rings and invisible string attached to their bodies.

Alright, so I can understand why Iranian officials would be suspicious. I can understand their concern. But what is the point in arresting the pigeons? Are they planning on questioning them to find out if they were, in fact, sent on a top-secret spy mission by a rival or opposing country?

Ironically, this isn't the first time animals have been arrested for spying in Iran. In July 2007, 14 squirrels were arrested near the Iranian border for apparent espionage.

Honestly, if I was the leader of a country, I'd call upon my most dependable squirrels to execute my most important reconnaissance missions.

All kidding aside, this story shows the level of security and paranoia surrounding nuclear activity not only in Iran, but across the globe. As college students in America, we can only hope that this tension never escalates to anything more than what it is now, which is simple paranoia.

I just hope I never have to look over my shoulder to make sure I'm not being followed by a pigeon or squirrel working for Iran...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Investigation of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Increases Tensions

Afghan authorities are looking in to the deaths of 17 civilians that were recently killed after a clash between NATO forces and militants in the southern part of Afghanistan Thursday.
The problem involving civilian casualties with the involvement of foreign troops has made waves between the Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the United States
The increase of violence in Afghanistan is a real problem. It has been said time and time again that there needs to be more troops sent to Afghanistan where violence is escalating. I may feel a little biased to this point of view because my brother is stationed in Afghanistan right now and tells me about the attacks to his base on a daily basis. He mentions the increase in violence in the past few months, and that no matter what they do to restore a little stability, they can't do much without more help.
There needs to be a resolution to what is happening overseas. So how is this going to happen and why should college students care? November 4th. The future of our country and the people in it, like my brother, can change with the results of the presidential election in November. For most college students it is their first time being able to vote for a presidential election. So do all you can to stay informed about foreign policy and issues with United States involvement. Just because you aren't directly involved, doesn't mean that you won't be later or know someone who is. You have the ability to change the course of the future by voting. So stay informed, and vote on November 4th.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex on the Beach... Not This Vacation

Two Britons were recently fined and jailed for having sex on a Dubai beach. The two were sentenced up to three months in jail and were also fined 1,000 dirhams ($272). The two still plead not guilty to the incident but do admit to an alcohol related offense.

Now some may wonder why this would be reported on a blog that is supposed to relate international news to college students but this has tons to do with college students. Not only do college students frequently use alcohol and do things otherwise not ordinarily in their behavior; but college students also go to other countries participating in study abroad courses or just for spring break. This is a great example of why travelers should be aware of the laws set up in places they are going to travel to. It is possible that these two Britons did not actually participate in sexual intercourse however the United Arab Emirates strictly prohibits public display of affection as well as acts of homosexuality.

So when you go on vacation next time, especially to other countries be sure to be aware of laws purtaining to that specific area.

Do you have any stories of run ins with the law in foreign countries?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Keeping It Clean

What is one of the utmost grossest thing to find in a college dorm?; old, dirty laundry, a cup filled with last weeks milk, or water bottles filled with unknown substances? These things may be completely disgusting, but what tops the list, is mold and GERMS! Germs are everywhere and are especially prevalent in college bathrooms, dorms, window sills, etc. So what does this have to do with the world?

South Asia has declared October 15, Global Handwashing Day (in fact, 2008 is the International Year of Sanitation). It is the United Nations attempt to show children throughout South Asia to wash their hands and help stay germ free. 120 million children in 70 countries are expected to participate in this cleaning extravaganza.

According to the United Nations, just washing your hands is not enough. There must be soap involved. It is vital. And according to UNICEF, washing with soap can lessen diarrhoeal disease by 40% and respiratory infections by 30%. These are the main causes of death for children in India.

To watch a video on how to properly wash your hands, click on this:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama receives support from unlikely source

Typically, the U.S. presidential election draws major attention from not only everyone in America, but also influential governments across the globe. Sometimes, however, attention and support comes from the most unlikely of places.

Dorothy Polley, a Paris-based artist and owner of her own gallery, is using her artistic style to salute Barack Obama. After watching the Democratic National Convention last summer, Polley felt so moved by Obama that much of her work has since centered around generating support and awareness of the presidential candidate. To check out the original article detailing her efforts, click here. To check out Dorothy's website and gallery, click here.

After hearing so much about the importance of being educated on candidates and key topics, I was really impressed with the efforts of Dorothy. Putting all political bias to the side, think about this - instead of performing radical protests or publicly speaking out for or against a candidate, Dorothy is simply letting art do the talking. It reminds me somewhat of a peaceful protest. She is educating people through the common interest of art, in the most unlikely of places. I think college students (and ultimately everyone in America) can learn something from the efforts of Dorothy Polley.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

North Korea to Denuclearize

A major movement towards America and North Korea diminishing their animosity towards one another was achieved when North Korea agreed to continue disabling their plutonium plant and allow inspections. The move was considered so groundbreaking by the Bush administration that it actually led to North Korea being removed from the terror list. American President George W. Bush once refered to North Korea as an "axis of evil." American Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama said that this was a sign of modest progress however were not as optimistic saying that the plans had yet to be executed and until North Korea had fulfilled its promise would not get overly excited until North Korea put its actions where its mouth is.

American college students must take note because with this news America has possibly stopped a future war because North Korea's situation parralelled that of Iraq. Instead of possibly sending troops over to North Korea and getting into another altercation and forfitting billions of tax payers dollars, America is making progress towards squashing America's biggest disagreement with North Korea.

For more information:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Food Crisis

The recent scare of milk in China has left its mark worldwide as all food from foreign countries are being examined much more thoroughly. Foreign milk has been on hold since the incidents leaked from China. Babies in China have lost their lives or become sick due to a chemical called melamine.

Many Americans are now facing the reprocussions and have been forced to investigate their own food intake. College students must also take note considering that they rarely ever look into what the ingredients are in the food they eat. It is common to go to the dining halls at college and never think twice about what is in the food you eat unless that is you are allergic to a certain type of food. It would be a good idea for all college students to take a nutritional course in order to better understand the process of food intake and what our bodies really require in order to function at its optimum.

China Gets Pollution in Gear by Getting Cars Off the Road

Many of you may have heard about the amount of pollution that was in China when they were preparing for the Olympic games. Athletes were worried about the effect it would have on their performance. China then worked out a system to ban half the amount of cars out on the road in one day.

The idea stuck with the Chinese government and they are beginning to enforce the same rule now. When the air pollution index reaches above 300, then the time is right to enforce the rules again. Cars will be limited on daily rotations depending on odd or even license plates and work cites that have high pollution will be postponed as well.

Pollution and the environment are not just a popular topic in China, but the world as a whole. Seeing the way that this government enforces laws to protect the environment, ideas and examples can be used in other countries to try and do the same thing.

With the presidential election coming up close in the United States, it is important for college voters to know all they can about the topics being debated about and how the future president will deal with these issues. Having a greater world knowledge of how things work can shape the way in which someone views their future in the country by who they vote for.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UK versus US

Theres comes a point in every college students life where they need to get away from school. For most people, this involves bars, house parties, or any aspect of the "night life".

Have you ever wondered what colleges in other countries consider "partying?"Are there opinions on the topic the same as the United States? Have you ever considered what UK freshman go through compared to US freshman? It is good to take the time to look at what colleges in the UK say about partying.

TIMESONLINE, an online newspaper in the UK, has a few pointers about partying in college. When going to a house party, they suggest that you actually know who the host of the party is. It will be too scary and awkward if you go there not knowing a soul. How do Brockport students feel about this? Is the college community so tiny that everyone knows everyone? To get more on the UK's opinion of this, check out the actual article.

Another article from the same online newspaper talked about drinking in general. According to the article, the anxieties girls are facing with a society obcessed with image is making drinking more excessible to them; they are doing it more often, and more than guys. Women are judged harshly too for the way they act in bars or in clubs more often than men. Yet they are less concerned about what is said to be "appropriate". Times are changing thats for sure.
It is very interesting to read perspectives on young people in another countries newspaper, such as the UK. They language is different yet they have similar views and incites about life. It is something worth looking at. I learned quite a bit of new information about college life, esepcially the night life from these articles.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Economic crisis being felt worldwide

To build off of the previous post by K.Stines, I thought I'd discuss an article I stumbled upon in the Australian web edition of "Crikey," an independent newspaper based down under. The article is a collection of recent economic statistics from countries across the world, along with some commentaries from various news outlets. It shows just how global this economic crisis has become, and does a great job of presenting info in short, easy to understand pieces (so for those of you who, like me, can't stand listening to boring economic figures/stats and stock market lingo, you don't have to worry). Check out the article here.

What really worries me about this whole economic problem is the future, and the state of the world economy as a whole in 5 to 10 years. As a current college student, I'd really like to have a positive outlook on my own personal future, and feel confident about getting a "real" job in the near future (sorry McDonald's, but I'd rather not flip burgers for the rest of my life).

Some "pundits" think that the bailout approved by Congress will not ultimately fix anything. If that's the case, what comes next? Complete anarchy? Black Tuesday all over again, only this time on a worldwide scale? The bottom line: thinking positively about the word "economy" is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Will the Congress-approved bailout help the U.S. economy and other world economies? Hopefully. But until then, watching "Billy Madison" and avoiding the Wall Street Journal will keep me from a daily dose of depression.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Americans Not Only Ones Facing Financial Crisis

Germany is experiencing similar crisis to that of Americas with Hypo Real Estate(HRE). The German government had proposed to give $35 million in aid to the company but rejected the notion. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the financial burdens of a major corporation will not be bailed out by the government. Bad business will not be bailed out by the taxpayers for the simple fact that it is not in their responsibility according to Merkel.

America needs to take note and not just rush to throw money at our problems and hope they solve themselves. Who is to say the money used will actually solve any problems? College students need to take notice, especially those in the business field because obviously if major countries continue to have financial downfalls, something in the business world is in need of change. We need some thinking outside of the box to happen and some blueprints drawn up to guide us to recovery.

For more information on the HRE situation in Germany:

Update: German officials vote to provide some relief efforts for the HRE. For more news:

Friday, October 3, 2008

7 yr old boy kills zoo animals

A 7 year old boy's rampage on an Australian zoo results in little action for discipline. After killing a few lizards and reptiles by bashing their heads with rocks, a little boy in Australia continued to feed the remains of some to the zoo's crocodile. For 20 minutes the boy broke through security barriers and conducted a killing spree throughout the zoo.

Because of the laws in Australia, police officials were unable to charge the boy with anything since he was under the age of 10. Children under age 10 are unable to be charged with criminal offenses. Some zoo officials are pushing to have the boy's parents sued. The zoo lost 13 animals, with a loss of $5,500.

Officials are shocked by the acts, but are more disheartened by the way in which they are not able to receive closure due to the lack of disciplinary actions that are able to be put on the boy. They believe that parents need to take responsibility for their children, and that someone needs to be blamed for the events that took place.

As many college students are focused on careers that involve dealing with children, it is important to see what a child is actually capable of. It is also important to understand that parents don't always have the control over the child as they or you would hope.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

And you think YOU have it hard in school...

Is college hitting hard on you? Research papers, quizzes, chapter tests, etc; is there too much work and not enough time to party? Well, things could be worse. You could be the principle of your college. That means you are in charge of every single person that goes to that particular school. Now imagine having that school collapse. Now what do you do?

Unfortunately, this did really happen. On Wednesday, five female students in the village of Belyayevka, Russia, died after a concrete staircase unexpectedly collapsed on them. Since the accident, no other students have returned to classes. Funerals are expected to be on friday.

Marina Borodina, after hearing of the accident, hanged herself on Thursday. She was 42 years old. She worked in the school, teaching grade 11, and was close with all of the girls killed in the collapse.

So the next time you go to the library and begin your 15 page research paper, don't complain. There are worse things that could happen to you. And this proves it.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka "Bruno", shakes up Milan

The renowned Milan Fashion Week recently endured a visit from the hilarious, often controversial, and attention-grabbing actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Well, sort of.

Acting as "Bruno," his flamboyant and openly homosexual alter ego, Cohen marched down the catwalk in a full velcro suit while screaming and yelling, pretending to be an Austrian fashion reporter (see picture). The stunt was filmed as part of a scene for the upcoming movie "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male" which is set for release sometime next spring.

Paolo Gerani, the stylist whom "Bruno" interrupted, was able to put an end to the madness and restore order to the show. Officials are now on high alert, after discovering the fake passes that Cohen and his film crew used to enter the show.

So what does this mean for college students in America? Well, if a flamboyantly gay male comes up to you and starts to make you laugh, you should probably play along, because you could be caught in a scene from Cohen's next movie! Be careful, however...three fraternity members from the University of Southern California will be the first to tell you that being caught in a Sacha Baron Cohen movie can have its pitfalls.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Banning My Favorite Candy Bar

The Makers of my favorite candy bar have to recall their chocolate in China due to reports that they may be contaminated with the chemical melamine. This same chemical is what was found in the milk scandal seen earlier last week.

"The candy maker is the latest company to get caught up in China's tainted-milk scandal."

The milk scandal has made an estimated 53,000 children sick in China, while four have died. 53,000 is A LOT. With just milk alone that would be an awful thing to have occur in the country, but combined with the products that the particular milk was used in makes it even worse, affected that many more people.

Foreign companies who have products sold to the United States can obviously have a great impact on the country here. If you thought before that the milk problem was only an overseas matter, it may be interesting for you to see that something that is made there, and we sell here can still affect you if you don't know what's going on in the world.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Superman is in Switzerland

Swiss thrill seeker Yves Rossy successfully crossed the English Channel this morning...using a a jet-propelled wing pack.

Rossy became the first man to fly across the English Channel using a homemade, single, jet-powered wing while covering a distance of 23 miles in 13 minutes. The National Geographic Channel will be airing a special on Rossy and his historic flight at 8 o'clock tonight.

Thinking about the first flight that took place with the Wright Brothers in North Carolina, it is amazing to see how far the world of aviation and flight has come. Acknowledging something like this from a Swiss man will help to push forward the way of thinking when it comes to aviation along with other forms of travel.

Youtube video of the flight
(I chose this version because I found it interesting how they used the theme song from The Greatest American Hero in a video of a Swiss man's flight)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jetpack Pilot Postpones Flight

An attempt to fly across the English Channel by a Swiss pilot Yves Rossy was postponed today due to weather for the second time. Rossy hopes to be the first person to fly solo with a jetpack across the Channel. He has flown around the Alps with this jetpack before but across the Channel will far surpass the airtime he encountered in the mountainous terrain.

There is so much to be said for this groundbreaking feat. Will the military hope to cash in and use these jetpacks strategically? Can these jetpacks became a new form of transportation for individuals? The implications of this form of transportation are boundless. It has yet to be perfected and tested to levels where these things I ask can happen but it is moving in that direction.

For more information:

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Malaysian blogger in trouble

Raja Petra Kamaruddin has been arrested and detained for his blogging. He supposedly criticized the Malaysian government as well as "insulting" Islam. No trial dates have been scheduled for him, meaning he must wait two years in jail before anything happens. They detained him without any official charge. A little unfair?

This is a scary thing for any upcoming journalists. But remember, we live in the United States. We are lucky we can speak our mind on many issues, to a certain extent.

For a more detailed interpretation of his "charges" visit and search Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oktoberfest tradition in jeopardy

In Germany, Oktoberfest is one of the oldest and most traditional festivals around. Each year, thousands gather to celebrate their heritage and drink enormous amounts of beer.

One element of German heritage throughout the years has been the "Dirndl." The Dirndl is the lacy and often low-cut dress typically worn by women attending the Oktoberfest festival. Recent developments, however, have some German traditionalists cringing.

To open this years' festival, the wife of Bavarian Premier Guenther Beckstein showed up wearing something other than the classic Dirndl. Instead, she wore a suit. Cora Schumacher, wife of Michael Schumacher (a German racing hero), added insult to injury when she attended the festival wearing a skull-studded Dirndl.

Now, many Germans are crying foul. Wives of German politicians are expected to follow tradition (obviously that didn't happen). Locals were shocked at Mrs. Schumacher's outfit. The Dirndl is traditionally supposed to be a conservative outfit, despite it's low-cut design. Apparently skulls aren't conservative enough.

So what does all of this mean for Oktoberfest? It could mean rapid change in the future. If the attire is able to switch from traditional and conservative to modern and radical, what could potentially happen to the beer?

The bigger question at hand: why should American college students care about what German women are wearing to Oktoberfest? Well, if your one of those crazed fans of the movie "Beerfest" and you were hoping to go scope out some German girls on your next vacation, you should probably start changing your plans.

The bigger point here is that no festival or traditional gathering is safe from change and/or modernization. Think about an annual event you have attended on a yearly basis, maybe a fair or rock concert series. How would you feel if that rock concert changed into a jazz festival? Or, say, how would you feel if people started wearing Dirndls to that rock concert?

You'd probably be weirded out and upset. Just the way the Germans are.

Campus Shooting Deadly in Finland

On Tuesday September 23, news came from Finland that nine individuals had been slain in a shooting at a vocational school in Finland. A masked gunman opened fire killing nine students and then turned his gun on himself to shoot himself in the head. He was rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries.

This obviously affects students all around the world, because anytime schools safety is put in question people begin to think about their own schools safety. What are some procedures your school takes to ensure your safety? Do you think your school does enough? Does your school take these situations seriously, and not turn a cold shoulder to thinking it will never happen to them? What can you as a student do to maintain a safe environment?

Every parent gets worried with their child moving out generally for the first time to attend college and move on to the real world but a new question schools must now answer to instead of having a quality academic program is safety. A new priority in which will help students and parents decide their destination.

For more information on the shooting:

Monday, September 22, 2008

Milk scare in Beijing

Beijing, China, home of the 2008 summer olympics has no milk for their cookies. Sadly, over 53,000 babies have been sickened by a tainted milk scare which has already killed four children.

The chemical, melamine, has been found in formula powder milk in 22 dairies across China. The chemical is known for causing kidney stones, which could eventually lead to kidney failure. Tests have been performed and the chemical has been found in more than just the baby formula. Two of China's biggest dairy producers, Mengnui Dairy Group and Ylili Industrial Group, have also found traces of the chemical.

To get another perspective on how bad this chemical is, look at what is is typically used for: coatings and laminates, wood adhesives, fabric coatings, ceiling tiles and flame retardants.
It's important to know what is going on around the world, especially when it comes to serious issues such as this. Some people may say they do not care because its not their country, but we should all have some respect for other countries and what they are going through.
picture is courtesy of

Friday, September 19, 2008

Switzerland in need of organ donors

Switzerland is looking to foreign residents in the country to step forward and fill out organ donation cards in order to be added to a small but needy transplant list.

"The phenomenon of demand exceeding supply is common to all countries with an organ donation programme but Switzerland has a worse record than other comparable nations.Fifty people on the waiting list died last year, despite a new transplant law establishing a centralised system that came into force in July 2007."

With this need so apparent to the people of Switzerland, it reminds me why I became an organ donor. It may not be something that most people think about, but it is definitely something that needs to be discussed. The more that the subject is brought up, the easier it is for people to express their desire as to whether or not they are interested in being an organ donor. It's sad to think that someone could have decided to be an organ donor and could have saved a life, but didn't have the opportunity to express that to someone who could decide that for them until it was too late. Switzerland's excessive need for such a thing seems like an obvious example of how something so minimal, like signing your name to a donation card, could have a dramatic impact on someone else's life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Austrailian bar literally gets "down under"

In Melbourne, Australia, there is a pub (inside a hotel) that is offerring women a $50 free drink card.

So whats the catch? The women have to remove their panties (or knickers as the Aussies call them) and hang them over the bar. And if the women do not feel like taking them off, they can flash their bras, landing them a free drink on the spot. The Aussie bar has referred to this event as "No Undie Sundie."

One of the advertisements for the event was the infamous, Britney Spears getting out of a car, exposed. The ads have been on the streets, in the press and online.

I think the only reason this was such a scandal was because the bar had advertisements all over for the event. Most bars around the United States, and especially around colleges do "under the table" type of advertising and promotion. There may be flyers put under dorms but no billboards. Thats just silly.
This is also just another warning to women that if you are going to a bar and are expecting a free drink, do not do something of this nature to get your drink. It is sexist and will show no respect for yourself or people around you.
And college students, remember, drinking age is 21.
Good day, mates.
Since September 18, 2008, the event has been shut down. The Web site for the event also happened to disappear from the Internet. How ironic.
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