Friday, October 31, 2008

Pirates Once Again a Factor

When you think of pirates, do you think they still exist? Well if your answer was like mine, thinking absolutely not, then you would be surprised by recent acts of piracy. Pirates attacked a French ship off the coast of Cameroon, taking 10 of the 15 member crew hostage. Previously in the week a band of Somali pirates captured a Turkish freighter.
Now some of you may be asking, why would you consider this a story to coincide with college students? The answer is simple because the time of year. It is halloween and once again college students will be dressing up all around the world. Chances are that some of these students will be dressing up as pirates.
Although these costumes may match pirates attires of the past, they are outdated. Pirates currently dress like average everyday people of the sea, no longer equiped with eye patches or parrots or even swords. So instead of being a throwback pirate, stay up to date with the current trends of the pirate world!

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