Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Obama receives support from unlikely source

Typically, the U.S. presidential election draws major attention from not only everyone in America, but also influential governments across the globe. Sometimes, however, attention and support comes from the most unlikely of places.

Dorothy Polley, a Paris-based artist and owner of her own gallery, is using her artistic style to salute Barack Obama. After watching the Democratic National Convention last summer, Polley felt so moved by Obama that much of her work has since centered around generating support and awareness of the presidential candidate. To check out the original article detailing her efforts, click here. To check out Dorothy's website and gallery, click here.

After hearing so much about the importance of being educated on candidates and key topics, I was really impressed with the efforts of Dorothy. Putting all political bias to the side, think about this - instead of performing radical protests or publicly speaking out for or against a candidate, Dorothy is simply letting art do the talking. It reminds me somewhat of a peaceful protest. She is educating people through the common interest of art, in the most unlikely of places. I think college students (and ultimately everyone in America) can learn something from the efforts of Dorothy Polley.

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