Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sex on the Beach... Not This Vacation

Two Britons were recently fined and jailed for having sex on a Dubai beach. The two were sentenced up to three months in jail and were also fined 1,000 dirhams ($272). The two still plead not guilty to the incident but do admit to an alcohol related offense.

Now some may wonder why this would be reported on a blog that is supposed to relate international news to college students but this has tons to do with college students. Not only do college students frequently use alcohol and do things otherwise not ordinarily in their behavior; but college students also go to other countries participating in study abroad courses or just for spring break. This is a great example of why travelers should be aware of the laws set up in places they are going to travel to. It is possible that these two Britons did not actually participate in sexual intercourse however the United Arab Emirates strictly prohibits public display of affection as well as acts of homosexuality.

So when you go on vacation next time, especially to other countries be sure to be aware of laws purtaining to that specific area.

Do you have any stories of run ins with the law in foreign countries?

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