Wednesday, October 29, 2008

French Man's Arm Gets Stuck in Toilet

This is the perfect example of why you should not talk on your cell phone while you are using the facility!

A 26- year- old French passenger on a high speed train traveling between La Rochelle and Paris got his arm stuck in a toilet after trying to fish out his cell phone which had fell into the giant, white bowl.

The train had to stop for two hours as firemen were called in to rescue the man. They had to saw off the toilet from the train. The man was taken off the train on a stretcher with part of the toilet still on his arm.

So you may be pondering as to how exactly this relates to college students? Well, we all know college students do some dumb things in their college days...and nights, of course. Basically, talk on your cell phone when you're NOT in the bathroom. You do not want to end up like this guy. Can you think of something more embarrassing than coming off of a train on a stretcher with a toilet bowl on your arm?

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