Sunday, October 5, 2008

Americans Not Only Ones Facing Financial Crisis

Germany is experiencing similar crisis to that of Americas with Hypo Real Estate(HRE). The German government had proposed to give $35 million in aid to the company but rejected the notion. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the financial burdens of a major corporation will not be bailed out by the government. Bad business will not be bailed out by the taxpayers for the simple fact that it is not in their responsibility according to Merkel.

America needs to take note and not just rush to throw money at our problems and hope they solve themselves. Who is to say the money used will actually solve any problems? College students need to take notice, especially those in the business field because obviously if major countries continue to have financial downfalls, something in the business world is in need of change. We need some thinking outside of the box to happen and some blueprints drawn up to guide us to recovery.

For more information on the HRE situation in Germany:

Update: German officials vote to provide some relief efforts for the HRE. For more news:

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