Friday, October 3, 2008

7 yr old boy kills zoo animals

A 7 year old boy's rampage on an Australian zoo results in little action for discipline. After killing a few lizards and reptiles by bashing their heads with rocks, a little boy in Australia continued to feed the remains of some to the zoo's crocodile. For 20 minutes the boy broke through security barriers and conducted a killing spree throughout the zoo.

Because of the laws in Australia, police officials were unable to charge the boy with anything since he was under the age of 10. Children under age 10 are unable to be charged with criminal offenses. Some zoo officials are pushing to have the boy's parents sued. The zoo lost 13 animals, with a loss of $5,500.

Officials are shocked by the acts, but are more disheartened by the way in which they are not able to receive closure due to the lack of disciplinary actions that are able to be put on the boy. They believe that parents need to take responsibility for their children, and that someone needs to be blamed for the events that took place.

As many college students are focused on careers that involve dealing with children, it is important to see what a child is actually capable of. It is also important to understand that parents don't always have the control over the child as they or you would hope.

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