Friday, October 24, 2008

American Student in Iran Prision

Esha Momeni, a student at California State University, was jailed in Iran on October 15th. She was doing research on Iranian rights of women through a California branch of the Iranian women's rights group, Change For Equality. Iranian officials say that she was detained after a traffic stop, but her computer and other information dealing with the group were taken away from her family's home. She is now in Evin Prison, a place that is well known for holding political prisoners. The thesis advisor at the college stated that Esha knew the risks of her research in Iran. Esha decided that no matter the risk, it was worth taking to expand the knowledge of Iranian women's rights to Americans.

Esha took a giant risk in spreading knowledge to Americans. She is a college student who knew the importance of increasing people's prespectives and went all out to do so. Do you think you could do the same and take the same risks she did?

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