Sunday, October 12, 2008

North Korea to Denuclearize

A major movement towards America and North Korea diminishing their animosity towards one another was achieved when North Korea agreed to continue disabling their plutonium plant and allow inspections. The move was considered so groundbreaking by the Bush administration that it actually led to North Korea being removed from the terror list. American President George W. Bush once refered to North Korea as an "axis of evil." American Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama said that this was a sign of modest progress however were not as optimistic saying that the plans had yet to be executed and until North Korea had fulfilled its promise would not get overly excited until North Korea put its actions where its mouth is.

American college students must take note because with this news America has possibly stopped a future war because North Korea's situation parralelled that of Iraq. Instead of possibly sending troops over to North Korea and getting into another altercation and forfitting billions of tax payers dollars, America is making progress towards squashing America's biggest disagreement with North Korea.

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