Friday, October 10, 2008

China Gets Pollution in Gear by Getting Cars Off the Road

Many of you may have heard about the amount of pollution that was in China when they were preparing for the Olympic games. Athletes were worried about the effect it would have on their performance. China then worked out a system to ban half the amount of cars out on the road in one day.

The idea stuck with the Chinese government and they are beginning to enforce the same rule now. When the air pollution index reaches above 300, then the time is right to enforce the rules again. Cars will be limited on daily rotations depending on odd or even license plates and work cites that have high pollution will be postponed as well.

Pollution and the environment are not just a popular topic in China, but the world as a whole. Seeing the way that this government enforces laws to protect the environment, ideas and examples can be used in other countries to try and do the same thing.

With the presidential election coming up close in the United States, it is important for college voters to know all they can about the topics being debated about and how the future president will deal with these issues. Having a greater world knowledge of how things work can shape the way in which someone views their future in the country by who they vote for.

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