Wednesday, October 8, 2008

UK versus US

Theres comes a point in every college students life where they need to get away from school. For most people, this involves bars, house parties, or any aspect of the "night life".

Have you ever wondered what colleges in other countries consider "partying?"Are there opinions on the topic the same as the United States? Have you ever considered what UK freshman go through compared to US freshman? It is good to take the time to look at what colleges in the UK say about partying.

TIMESONLINE, an online newspaper in the UK, has a few pointers about partying in college. When going to a house party, they suggest that you actually know who the host of the party is. It will be too scary and awkward if you go there not knowing a soul. How do Brockport students feel about this? Is the college community so tiny that everyone knows everyone? To get more on the UK's opinion of this, check out the actual article.

Another article from the same online newspaper talked about drinking in general. According to the article, the anxieties girls are facing with a society obcessed with image is making drinking more excessible to them; they are doing it more often, and more than guys. Women are judged harshly too for the way they act in bars or in clubs more often than men. Yet they are less concerned about what is said to be "appropriate". Times are changing thats for sure.
It is very interesting to read perspectives on young people in another countries newspaper, such as the UK. They language is different yet they have similar views and incites about life. It is something worth looking at. I learned quite a bit of new information about college life, esepcially the night life from these articles.

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