Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? Try the iBreath

Wondering if you are too drunk to drive? Take the guesswork out of the equation with the new iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer attachment for the Apple iPod.

The iBreath simply attaches to your iPod through the docking port, and can instantly tell you your blood-alcohol content (see picture). A small fold out blower allows you to easily breathe into the device, and then provides a digital display with your BAC.

The device has just arrived in the UK for the holiday season. No timetable has been set for its release in the United States, but A-List celebrities in Europe are reportedly the biggest consumers. If celebrities continue to purchase the iBreath, it's my belief that the U.S. will be exposed to this device sooner rather than later.

The biggest concern I have with this device is the amount of vehicular accidents that may occur after its release. Someone may be sitting at a bar having a few drinks, and then use the iBreath to discover that they have a .07 BAC. Sure, its under the legal limit (in most states/countries), but it could still impair someone attempting to drive home. Obviously there are many variables associated with this scenario (persons weight, gender, ect.), but it's something to consider.

For more information on the iBreath, click here.

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