Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did Australia Place a Curse on American Fashion?

The weather has taken a change for the worse; the cold, blistering winds of winter have come into full effect. But what does that mean for college students besides skipping classes and throwing snowballs at random, innocent people walking on campus? It means that UGG boots are in full swing.

Many people despise these overpriced, warm, sheep wool lined boots. But why? Since the boots are so dreaded amongst people, the origin of them should be explored to find out if they are called UGG's because they are 'ugly' or for another reason.

There are two basic theories of UGG boots:

Number 1: During the 19th century, sheep skin hides were used to make a variety of different materials in Australia such as clothing and footwear. The original UGG models which came out of this were short and ugly, according to the shoe makers. This is where the term UGG came from becaause it is a nick name off of ugly.

Number 2: The second theory says that the Aussies have the tendency to drop the letter h from the beginning of words. UGG boots in fact 'hug' the feet so people say that the h was dropped and the word UGG came about.

Whether or not either theory is accurate, people will still refer to these warm creations as ugly.

To read an article from a UK online newspaper about UGG's, go to:

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