Friday, September 19, 2008

Switzerland in need of organ donors

Switzerland is looking to foreign residents in the country to step forward and fill out organ donation cards in order to be added to a small but needy transplant list.

"The phenomenon of demand exceeding supply is common to all countries with an organ donation programme but Switzerland has a worse record than other comparable nations.Fifty people on the waiting list died last year, despite a new transplant law establishing a centralised system that came into force in July 2007."

With this need so apparent to the people of Switzerland, it reminds me why I became an organ donor. It may not be something that most people think about, but it is definitely something that needs to be discussed. The more that the subject is brought up, the easier it is for people to express their desire as to whether or not they are interested in being an organ donor. It's sad to think that someone could have decided to be an organ donor and could have saved a life, but didn't have the opportunity to express that to someone who could decide that for them until it was too late. Switzerland's excessive need for such a thing seems like an obvious example of how something so minimal, like signing your name to a donation card, could have a dramatic impact on someone else's life.

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