Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Austrailian bar literally gets "down under"

In Melbourne, Australia, there is a pub (inside a hotel) that is offerring women a $50 free drink card.

So whats the catch? The women have to remove their panties (or knickers as the Aussies call them) and hang them over the bar. And if the women do not feel like taking them off, they can flash their bras, landing them a free drink on the spot. The Aussie bar has referred to this event as "No Undie Sundie."

One of the advertisements for the event was the infamous, Britney Spears getting out of a car, exposed. The ads have been on the streets, in the press and online.

I think the only reason this was such a scandal was because the bar had advertisements all over for the event. Most bars around the United States, and especially around colleges do "under the table" type of advertising and promotion. There may be flyers put under dorms but no billboards. Thats just silly.
This is also just another warning to women that if you are going to a bar and are expecting a free drink, do not do something of this nature to get your drink. It is sexist and will show no respect for yourself or people around you.
And college students, remember, drinking age is 21.
Good day, mates.
Since September 18, 2008, the event has been shut down. The Web site for the event also happened to disappear from the Internet. How ironic.
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