Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka "Bruno", shakes up Milan

The renowned Milan Fashion Week recently endured a visit from the hilarious, often controversial, and attention-grabbing actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Well, sort of.

Acting as "Bruno," his flamboyant and openly homosexual alter ego, Cohen marched down the catwalk in a full velcro suit while screaming and yelling, pretending to be an Austrian fashion reporter (see picture). The stunt was filmed as part of a scene for the upcoming movie "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male" which is set for release sometime next spring.

Paolo Gerani, the stylist whom "Bruno" interrupted, was able to put an end to the madness and restore order to the show. Officials are now on high alert, after discovering the fake passes that Cohen and his film crew used to enter the show.

So what does this mean for college students in America? Well, if a flamboyantly gay male comes up to you and starts to make you laugh, you should probably play along, because you could be caught in a scene from Cohen's next movie! Be careful, however...three fraternity members from the University of Southern California will be the first to tell you that being caught in a Sacha Baron Cohen movie can have its pitfalls.

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