Wednesday, November 19, 2008

British accents foil iPhone voice app

Google's newest application for the iPhone is a voice generated search capability. All you have to do is say something into the phone, and search results are instantly displayed. For a more detailed version of how this new application works, watch this:

Here's the catch: People with British accents are having trouble using this feature. Apparently, their accents are not registering correctly in the phone. One man apparently said "pizza" into his phone, only to receive search results for "volcanoes." Sounds pretty ridiculous, right?

Whats even more ridiculous is the solution to this problem - an iPhone that not only detects your voice, but distinguishes what kind of accent you may have. Stay tuned, because it sounds like this solution could become reality sooner than you think.

But for now, angry British iPhone owners will have to begin working on their American impressions. Either that, or slave through the absolutely grinding and unbearable task of typing out their Google searches (sarcasm noted).

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