Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter Doesn't Mean Laziness

As I have stated before, it is useful to look at and read other countries Web sites about any issue, any topic, etc. They have different perspectives and different ways of looking at things. And since the weather is quickly beginning to change as the leaves fall off the trees and the snow begins to fall, college students are looking forward to break in December. This is the time when students fall into the trap of laziness; stay at home, eat cookies and watch reruns of "Full House". But winter is NO TIME to be lathargic.

The cold weather is actually the best time to run outdoors. And what does running mean to college students? Well, when they return from winter break, they can be fit and trim instead of overly obese and complaining about how much weight they gained while being at home. College students should be happy they have more time over this break to focus on staying healthy.

According to, running outside actually burns more calories than running on the treadmill and being outside helps advance calorie and fat burn because when your body is cold, it takes longer to get warm, burning more calories. The Web site also says that running outdoors is one of the quickest ways to get rid of belly fat!

A few quick tips to remember while running are:

  • Wear reflectors somewhere on your body whether you are running at night or during the day

  • Wear many layers of light weight fleece so you can gradually take it off as you warm up while running

  • Try to run with a friend, its the safest way

  • Running up hills burns more calories than on a flat surface--but do not just run uphills always because it is hard on the joints--mix it up with hills and flat land


  • Trying to run backwards--it helps your knees and burns more calories--it also helps with coordination and balance

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